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This tool is designed to help you assess your business’s level of risk. The business risk assessment will help you assess a number of risk factors in five key areas of your business: Facilities, Labor, Identity Theft, Financial and Entity. The assessment will help you identify potential risks and also provide actionable guidelines to help you minimize risk and strengthen your business. Let us help you determine if your business is at risk for potential penalties, fines and lawsuits as a result of non-compliance with FACTA, OSHA, FCRA, GLB, HIPAA & ADA regulations.

How It Works

Simply answer a series of multiple-choice questions and generate a comprehensive report based on your answers. The custom report will help you identify potential risks and liabilities for your business and provide steps to help you address these issues.

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  1. Business Risk Assessment

    Corporate risk is an unfortunate reality for every small business owner. Do you know where your business stands in terms of exposure to liability?